It doesn’t seem to get easier

You know, it’s one thing to make a commitment to yourself to start a blog and post to it on a regular basis. It’s something quite different when you actually have people read it and mention they are looking forward to seeing your next post. It seems to quickly go from a thought of, ‘OK, I’ll basically start an online diary and write things when I feel like it’ to, ‘Damn, it’s Sunday again and I haven’t posted anything this week!’

Really, it’s not that bad but I do find myself thinking more about what I should post next. This is actually a good thing. For a writer, who can’t seem to find time to write, making myself sit down for half an hour a week to do this is pushing me to do other writing. I keep a small notebook handy to jot down blog ideas. I keep another, larger notebook, to keep track of projects I’m working on for, and with, others. I also keep two journals; one I should write in daily, but don’t right now, and one I that was given to me a number of years ago from a dear friend, that I write in when I take the time to meditate. That’s also something I should do more often but really folks, one step at a time!

I can hear people saying, four notebooks! No, there are actually more.IMG_0006

There’s the one I write my own story in, the one I am slowly researching and pulling together. The history of me. Then there is the small spiral book I keep by my PC where I track stats from my newly launched website. I guess it’s my way to pat myself on the back for finally putting the thing live. I check the numbers fairly regularly and it’s nice to see ‘hits’ coming from those who aren’t just friends and family. It’s only been live for just over a month, but still…it’s exciting to see the numbers change.

Finally, there is the pad of paper, also at my desk, where I write lists of call, emails, research, all the things I want to try to accomplish each time I sit here. I cross them off as I complete them, and move the ones I don’t get around to over to the next page for my next attempt at being productive. Yes, it’s the ‘So Many Men’ one shown there. I sometimes need aspirin when dealing with both, men and the lists.

One might ask, “Why so many notebooks? Why not put everything into one?”

For me, it’s simple. If everything is in one notebook or on one pad of paper, you can pick it up with the intent of dealing with one thing, and end up dealing with the numerous other items in that notebook or pad of paper, never getting around to the item you intended to deal with. Much like life, we can’t deal with and move on from one thing, if it’s all jumbled in with everything else. We quite often have to take a step back, sort things out, put them in their place and deal with each issue one at a time.

Well, enough of that! There are things on that list that still need to be crossed off today, or moved to another page for another day.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and I hope you’re happy exactly where you are in life right now.



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