Blogging along

I’m slowly figuring out this blog, and how I want it to look. If you’ve followed along, I’ve figured out how to add pictures, but I didn’t want my blogs to run end-to-end on the first page of this site. Well, I’ve now figured out how to have a static first page, and now it’s on to the next step of how to have each post show separately. Sure, I could ask for help but, in my experience, I learn better by figuring it out myself. Trial and error…and error…and error. Eventually I get it right.

I’ve done some clicking around in here and believe I may have figured this all out. So, I’ll save this for now and come back later to see if we can get this whole blogging mess fixed up and displayed as I see it in my minds’ eye. For those who are “following”this blog, I apologize. I’ll be playing with this a bit this weekend, so you may want to wait until Sunday evening, or later, to see the latest developments.IMG_0720

I’m back and this quote from my shower wall pretty much sums up my life for the last while, and working on manipulating this blog into my ‘vision’, is just one small piece of it. Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right? Well in my world, that goes on for months. I’m not complaining, really; I’ve found strength within myself that I never realized was there, and I’ve certainly found out who is there for me in a pinch, but damn…it sure would be nice to be on the other side of the bad days.

Now, for the main focus of this weekends’ work on this blog. I now have a static page, ‘Home’, that just tells a bit about me and my thoughts or intentions for the blog. Then there is this page, ‘Blogging along’. Again, I’m not a technogeekĀ but I plan to add additional pages as I progress, much like on my website Writes of Passage, where I’ll list blogs I may follow, links to articles I may have published…you know…all the good stuff. It’s my hope that people will link to the current blog through this page. But however they get there, I hope they enjoy the dance in the the rain.