What it’s about

The words we put down on paper come back up to meet us; to speak to us with our inner voice. Take a step back from the present moment and allow yourself to hear what you write.  – MJM

Welcome to my blog. First off, there was a grammatical error in headshotmy blog name. I’m no techno geek and was having issues changing the imported blog name to show in the header as “Jan’s Blogging Moments”. It damn near drove me insane! Yup…my red pen is right beside me and I almost scratched my computer monitor trying to get that apostrophe in there! Let me say this, before folks comment, I am not, nor do I pretend to be, the perfect grammar queen. I catch more errors than some, and then again, some catch more than me. For the most part, I write as I speak. Sometimes it’s very formal, sometimes casual, and more often than not, a mixture of the two. Much like me, it is what it is.

My blog is an extension of me, who I am, and my thoughts on various topics. For those who read my posts on Facebook on the “Sewage Saga”, among others; or who speak to me on a regular basis, you know who I am and how I see life. I look for the good in every situation, and tend to find and share the funnier side of life.

I may express my personal opinion through this blog, and that’s exactly what it is, a personal opinion. I’m not trying to change how anyone thinks or what they may, or may not, believe. I may share some interesting or funny events that have happened in my day. Again, those who know me know these things seem to happen to me on a regular basis. I may also share information on writing, whether it be projects I’m working on, classes I may be offering, events people may be interested in participating in, writing contests I become aware of….who knows.

Some of you may remember when I started blogging before. I managed to post regularly…once a week….for a month. Then life took over again and, well that ended. I’m really going to try harder this time and will also be managing this in conjunction with my web site Writes of Passage, through which I’ll be offering writing classes.

OK, enough of that. Relax, peruse, seek out the typing and grammatical errors…whatever your heart desires. Just enjoy and let’s see where this takes us!


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