What happens when you take an electronics break…

OK, say maybe this isn’t what happens when YOU take a break from electronics, but it’s what happened when I took my self-imposed 48 hour break from all computers and most social media. I really did quite well in sticking to my promise to myself. I had to look at my phone a few times each day, as I use the Carrot Rewards program to track my steps, and I check in a few times a day to see how close I am to my daily goal. I also responded to a couple of text messages from a friend simply because I hadn’t advised them I was taking this break. All-in-all, I think I pretty much lived up to my goal. What was I able to accomplish with the time normally spent surfing the internet, scrolling through email and messaging people?

I was able to go through some boxes in my home office and find my Reiki information. I haven’t reviewed it all yet, nor have I started practicing again, but I’ve made that first step by simply finding and sorting the information.

Bulletin BoardI moved some artwork and the bulletin board in my home office, allowing me easier access to  the bulletin board, and this encouraged me to do up index cards with research for two of the writing projects I’ve promised myself to focus on this year. The cards indicate the basic timeline of the information I have on these topics, and leads on information I still have to research. Now that I have notes going up there, I may end up flipping the bulletin board the other direction as I seem to be running out of space.

I found out I have an insane number of notebooks on the go but, in my defence, they notebooks.jpgall have a purpose. I have one that I journal in, or did, and plan to write in daily again; one for notes after I meditate; one for ideas for future blog posts; one for information gathered from various doctors after my stroke in 2016 (that would be the “I meant to behave but there were too many other options” one); one for notes from various psychic, card and energy readings I’ve had done over the years;  one with notes from my Reiki training and sessions I’ve completed; one for research on my own life story; one for projects others have asked me to help with; one for notes on a second writing project I’ve tasked myself with this year; and, one for the future. Actually, I have three for the future but two are still packed away somewhere. I just love books and don’t want to search through several for the information I need, I want to know exactly what book I will find it in. The ladies I work with can attest to my need to be organized.

I also took some time to just sit and relax, and in doing so, I discovered this beautiful art Mother Nature leaves on my living room floor at a certain point in the day this time of year.

I’m not generally in my living room at 11am, so when I was on this day, the sun shining through the window provided a pleasant surprise.

I also caught up on some of those jobs we all put off as long as possible, or I do anyway. I cleaned my ovens (I have a double oven) and this is the one time I really wanted to use my computer because I know Google could have shown me how to clean the oven racks faster and easier. I also organized the tools in my hall closet. This “Jan-of-all-trades” needs to keep stuff handy for when her next repair or renovation project pops up and that’s one more job out of the way.

Then the real fun started. I decided to download the remaining pictures on the memory card in my camera, only to find that the spring for the memory card had sprung its last, and the card won’t remain inside. I’ve done my version of McGuyvering; taped the door to the memory card compartment shut and voila!…my digital camera is good-to-go again. It looks like I’ll be using the cord to download pictures from now on.

As my break from electroncs wound to an end, I decided to reward myself for all of this productive work, and picked up a bag of chocolate covered raisins while out shopping. When I poured them into a bowl to put on the end table, I grabbed a couple and popped them into my mouth. What followed involves fruit (the raisins), dental floss, and an unexpected visit to the dentist. But that, is a story for another day.


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