A new year and new promises

Well, it’s the start of yet another year and I am nowhere close to where I wanted to be. This being said, the only resolutions I have made are meant to put me on that path. With that in mind, I’m devoting time to finishing up my website and putting together notes for classes I will be holding. I’ll be starting small, but hope to ramp up as the year progresses and the classes I’ll be taking myself come to an end.

I’m also learning more about this blogging program. Up to this point it’s been all text, which can get pretty damn boring pretty damn quickly. I’m learning how to add photos, and will be venturing out with my camera more often, so that I can use my one pictures rather than generic ones found on the internet.


And there we go. The first picture has been added. Now that forces me to upload more of my own photos for use one here. I even learned how to make the text wrap around the photo. Damn, I’m good!

I’ve also spent some time going through paperwork on my desk. It’s amazing how quickly it piles up. I’ve found several notebooks that have been started, and never completed. Some contain pieces I’ve written, or experiences in my writing process, that may end up shared here. Others, well others are a feeble attempt at journaling on a daily basis. Yeah, that’s one of those resolutions I’m working on again this year.


This is one of those stock photos “borrowed”from the internet.  One final resolution I’m going to share, is to try to post on here on a more regular basis. With class outlines being drawn up, and new commitments to myself regarding my own writing and growth, posting on here will also figure into that. So on that note, all the best to you and your resolutions for the new year and let’s hope at least one of us follows through.


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