Things happen for a reason

I haven’t posted in a while because, well, life gets in the way sometimes and…..OK, that’s a lame excuse. I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been going through some stuff and needed to focus on that. Then I realized, even though I preach this to others all of the time; you need to focus on yourself and the “stuff” will work out.

So, it’s Fall and basically time when I start to hibernate. I’m not a winter person, I’ve never tried to pretend to be and certainly don’t plan on starting now. When Winter hits, I am a true homebody. Going to work in the dark, and coming back home in the dark…I just don’t want to venture back out again. Fall is the time of year when I prepare for this hibernation and things are falling in line, exactly how and when they are suppose to. I’m a true believer that things happen for a reason, and they happen when they are meant to, not necessarily when we want them to, and that people come into your life for a reason. We don’t always know why, but eventually it’s all figured out. In this vein of thought, I’m preparing to hibernate for the winter and truly focus on writing again, for me.

Some of you may know of the site, Varagesale. It’s a virtual garage sale and a great way to get rid of, or pick up, things you may want or need at very reasonable prices. I’m going through my whole home and getting rid of baggage I’ve moved from place to place and really don’t want or need. My home is not cluttered in the least, but I find myself looking at things and wondering why the hell I have them. The bread machine a friend gave me, because she and her wife ended up with two. The print I was given, that really wasn’t my decorating style, and sat behind my office door for three years…things like that. Sure, I had wonderful thoughts of arriving home to the smell of freshly baked bread, but in reality, I seldom eat bread and it’s been sitting in my basement for four years collecting dust. With things like this in mind, my purging process goes through four steps and questions;

  1. Can I make a few bucks on it? OK, it gets posted on Varagesale.
  2. Can a family member or friend use this item? Really use it and not just let it collect dust at their place. OK, then it gets put in a box to be dropped off.
  3. Can someone else make use of this item? It goes into the donation box in my basement that I drop off weekly so that it doesn’t just sit there.
  4. Is it really just garbage? It’s at the curb Sunday night.

In this process I am also bringing new things into my home. I’ve made a pact with myself that I will not buy anything off of Varagesale, unless I’ve sold items to pay for it, and only if it is truly useful. I bought the edging stones for my new, still in process, meditation garden off of the site. OK, back to the “things happen for a reason, and when they are meant to happen.”

I have an old trap door in my basement that was the top of a workbench when I bought my home four years ago. The wonderful old gentleman who, along with his wife were the original owners of my home (and who passed away at the amazing age of 102), used anything and everything to build a multitude of workbenches and hanging shelves in the basement and garage. I dismantled the majority of them, moving the super solid workbench into my garage but disposing of all of the shelving and a couple of rickety workbenches. I kept the trap door because I simply knew I had to make it into my writing desk. Those who know me know the memoir piece I had published a number of years ago, and a trap door figures prominently into that story. I’ve been watching prices at local home improvement stores, and trying to justify buying new legs for this old door then, I saw a post of Varagesale for two sets of drawers from an antique teacher’s desk for $35. The top of the desk had been damaged, but the drawers were in perfect condition. I messaged the seller and offered a lower bid than they were asking, I really low balled at $20. I had some money from something I’d sold, but it wasn’t enough to cover what she was asking for her item. Turns out, the seller was the gal I bought the garden bricks for. She really wanted to get closer to her asking price, and didn’t want to go below $30, but said she’d keep me in mind and touch base in a week or so if there was no other interest.

Then I received an email from a lady who’d been interested in one of the items I had for sale, the bread machine. She decided she was going to take it and that money, $20, along with what I had already, covered the asking price for the desk drawers. I messaged Melissa and she was thrilled. She even offered to drop them off for me. I told her my story when she arrived, of not wanting to buy something unless I’ve sold things to cover the cost. She chuckled and said she was the same way and; she’d put in a bid for an oil change coupon that was posted for $30. She’d offered $25 and the person turned it down. Then she received my message to buy her desk drawers for $30 and, well, there was the cost of her oil change coupon!

I took her for a walk into my backyard during our discussion, to show her the retainer wall I’d built with the bricks I bought for her in the Spring. I was 1.5 bricks short in filling the space I’d designated for the wall, and filled in the space with a couple of regular bricks and a concrete gargoyle I already had. Turns out, she actually has….1.5 bricks at home! They were being used under planter pots in her front garden and she’s dropping them off later. She also looked at the trap door and, noting it has ridges on it, told me she thinks she may have a couple of pieces of plexiglass in her basement, just the right size to make a smooth writing surface on the centre section of what will soon be, my new writing desk. These she will just pass on because, well, because she like to see things repurposed.

Yes, things happen for a reason, and exactly when they are meant to. People come into your life for a purpose and you just have to be open to accepting that when, how and why aren’t always clearly understandable at the time.


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